Welcome to our WebPages. We provide services and consultancy in IS/IT in Prague and environs. We offer individual relationship with each our client and solution with maximum utility and optimal costs. We are trying to provide all our services in the shortest possible time, nevertheless with maximum emphasis to quality.

We offer this type of services:

Delivery and installation of computer technology including software:

It consists of delivery, installation and configuration devices of computer technology. Installing services include unpacking devices, assembly all components, placement, test of function, installation of software, registration of operating system and setting user interface. In case of replacing old devices with new, we carry out returning all software application including preservation data.

Regular maintenance and supervision of your devices of computer technology:

It consists of services for providing trouble-free working of your devices of computer technology as well as software applications.

Consultancy with installing and maintaining new and current information system:

It consists of expert help with buying and implementation new operating systems, application or computer hardware. Regular actualisation of application or hardware to effective working. Project the solution with accomplish its function with optimal cost.

Reparation and upgrade older computers:

It consists of guarantee and no guarantee service devices of computer technology. Upgrade older computers (if it is possible). Projecting type of solution which accomplish its function with optimal cost for acquisition.

Making a backup of data to CD/DVD:

We make back up of yours important data to CD/DVD. Data can be after multifunction (e.g. physical multifunction of hard disk, attacking computer by computer virus or unwanted delete) restored and you prevent lose.

Creation of web pages:

Complete creation of web pages including registration of the domain and obtaining web hosting. It is also possible to translate web pages between Czech, Slovak, English or Russian language.
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